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About Consilium

Consilium Academies is a multi-academy Trust working across the North of England. It has nine academy schools located in Yorkshire, the North West, and the North East. Consilium is dedicated to enriching lives and inspiring ambitions for both students and colleagues.

Meet our Staff

Meet our dedicated staff, here to support your child to achieve their full potential while at the school:

Senior Leadership Team

  • Headteacher: Mrs H Ryles-Dean
  • Deputy Headteacher: Miss C Smalley
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mr M Thompson
  • Assistant Headteacher: Mr B Joynson
  • Assistant Headteacher: Mr G Webb
  • Assistant Headteacher: Mr S Mills
  • Assistant Headteacher: Mrs J Nesfield
  • Assistant Headteacher (SENDCo): Mrs L O'Kane
  • Associate Assistant Headteacher & DSL: Miss L Drinkwater


  • Head of English: Ms A Ghelichi
  • 2nd in English: Mr J Greenhalgh
  • 2nd in English: Mrs C Magee
  • Teacher of English (Literacy Co-ordinator): Miss E Beach
  • Teacher of English (KS4 Raising Standards Lead): Miss L Powell
  • Teacher of English (PSHE Lead): Miss L Tallow
  • Teacher of English: Miss G Wright
  • Teacher of English: Mr A Howson
  • Teacher of English: Miss R McCandless
  • Teacher of English: Miss J King
  • Teacher of English: Miss L Cowburn


  • Head of Mathematics: Mr J Pinches
  • 2nd in Mathematics: Miss C Hindley
  • 2nd in Mathematics: Miss H Thomas
  • Teacher of Mathematics (Head of Year 10): Mr C Birchall
  • Teacher of Mathematics: Mrs J Watt
  • Teacher of Mathematics: Mrs J Settle
  • Teacher of Mathematics: Mr P Jennings
  • Teacher of Mathematics: Miss D O'Connor
  • Teacher of Mathematics: Mr C Monk
  • Teacher of Mathematics: Mr M Thompson
  • Teacher of Mathematics: Miss C Smalley


  • Head of Science: Mr B Deva
  • 2nd in Science: Mrs T Begum
  • Teacher of Science (Numeracy Lead): Mr M Carrington
  • Teacher of Science: Miss O Turner
  • Teacher of Science: Miss S Ahmed
  • Teacher of Science: Miss S Boralugoda
  • Teacher of Science: Miss A Maher
  • Teacher of Science: Mr W Gordan
  • Teacher of Science: Mr D Massey


  • Head of Computing: Mr J Rooke
  • Teacher of Computing: Mr C Bullen
  • Teacher of Computing: Mr B Joynson


  • Head of Art: Mrs L Goth
  • Teacher of Art (Deputy SENDCO): Miss F Cox
  • Teacher of Art: Mrs F Holt
  • Teacher of Art: Miss E Souter


  • Head of Drama: Mrs K Ross
  • Teacher of Drama: Miss A Edge


  • Head of Music: Miss K Hill
  • Teacher of Music: Miss L Semmens


  • Head of Geography: Mrs K Birnie
  • Teacher of Geography (ECT Trainee Leader): Mrs S Leadbeater
  • Teacher of Geography (Transition Co-ordinator): Mr J Gibbins
  • Teacher of Geography: Miss E Potts


  • Head of History: Mrs E McGivern
  • Teacher of History: Miss M Doyle
  • Teacher of History: Mr L Day
  • Teacher of RE: Miss Z Hanif

Modern Foreign Languages

  • Head of MFL: Mrs J Mellor
  • Teacher of MFL: Mrs C Greenhalgh
  • Teacher of MFL: Miss A Howard-Cofield
  • Teacher of MFL: Mrs J Nesfield

Physical Education

  • Head of PE: Mr D Higham
  • 2nd in PE: Mrs J Jackson
  • Teacher of PE (Head of Year 11): Miss K Aitken
  • Teacher of PE (KS3 Raising Standards Lead): Mr M Wright
  • Teacher of PE: Mr G Webb
  • Teacher of PE: Mr S Mills

Design & Technology

  • Head of Design & Technology: Mrs A Sargent
  • 2nd in Design & Technology: Miss C Vincent
  • Teacher of Design & Technology (Maternity Cover): Miss S Lukes

Enhanced Resources Unit

  • ERU Manager: Miss H Richardson
  • ERU Staff: Mrs L Derrick

SEND Intervention Team

  • SEND Team: Mrs H Greenhalgh
  • SEND Team: Mrs A Adshead
  • SEND Team: Mrs L Statter

Teaching Assistants

  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Dolan
  • Teaching Assistant: Miss D Hamilton
  • Teaching Assistant: Miss J Howard
  • Teaching Assistant: Mr J Jackson
  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Kirk
  • Teaching Assistant: Miss J Zain
  • Teaching Assistant: Miss Z Bedford
  • Teaching Assistant: Miss R Gandy
  • Teaching Assistant: Miss J Farrell
  • Teaching Assistant: Miss B Martin

Pupil Intervention and Support

  • Pupil Intervention Manager: Mrs F Henn
  • Intervention Lead: Mr J Kennedy-Eyres
  • Pastoral Support Officer: Mr J Molyneux
  • Family Support Officer: Mrs H Brickell

Child Protection

  • Child Protection Officer: Mrs L Redmond

Heads of Year

  • Head of Year 7: Mr T Williams
  • Head of Year 8: Mr J Halsall
  • Head of Year 9: Miss D Stephan
  • Head of Year 10: Mr C Birchall
  • Head of Year 11: Miss K Aitken
  • Pastoral Support (Year 10): Mr J Schofield
  • Pastoral Support (Year 11): Mr K Molyneux

Cover Team

  • Cover Manager: Mrs V Power
  • Cover Supervisor: Miss E Grimshaw

Admin Team

  • Business Support Officer: Miss L Smith
  • Senior Leadership Team PA: Mrs A Hughes
  • Administration Officer: Mrs M Norris
  • Administration Officer: Ms N Hill
  • SEND Administration Assistant: Miss P Statham
  • Attendance Officer: Mr B Patel
  • Attendance Support Officer: Mrs C Hope
  • Exams and Data Officer: Mr J Wilkins


  • Librarian: Miss W Smith


  • School Careers Co-ordinator: Mr S Farmer
  • Personal Development Lead: Mr S Mills

IT Support

  • IT Engineer: Mr D Adams
  • Lead IT Engineer: Miss O Hill
  • IT Engineer: Mr A Saleem


  • Teaching and Learning Technician: Miss K Spragg
  • Science Technician: Mr C Howard
  • Design & Technology Technician: Miss S Kormoss
  • Food Technician: Mrs L Foster